PINBALL FINDER and RBB scans as of: 09/27/2016 at 06:44 PM

PINBALL FINDER scan as of:     09/27/2016 

Type 1 closed inside "buy area"; Type 2 closed above "buy area."

Ticker   Close   Volume today   % to Tgt  Type	

GERN	2.26	1,338,059	8.50	1

DO	16.01	3,023,193	9.50	2
CERU	1.04	775,926	28.84	2
SPWR	8.70	2,964,706	13.63	2
ATW	7.20	4,620,619	11.55	2

NOTE:    We have changed the calculation of "% to Target" to 
be percent from CLOSE to 34ema rather than from 8ema to 34ema.

Info on getting your own copy of the PinballFinder for Tradestation
can be found at

The “pinball pattern” was detected and perfected by
Rick Saddler, who runs the
website and blog. He runs a “live trading room” where
his down-to-earth coaching and teaching covers many
other patterns and styles as well as the Pinball Strategy.

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ROUNDED-BOTTOM Breakout scan 

(From time to time, we will also post the results of 
 Rick Saddler's 'rounded bottom breakout' scan -- info on this 
 scanner, for Tradestation, can be found at )

Ticker  Type  ( 1= aggressive 2= conservative )

ESND	5,931,920.00	20.39	1
SEAS	40,219,400.00	13.72	1
SGMO	18,972,240.00	4.93	1

Results as of: 09/27/2016 at 06:49 PM

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W2JC ... formerly W2BVE (WN2BVE in 1955!)
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