Notes on the Pinball Scan

As noted at the bottom of every scan report, we are using the range from the CLOSE to the 34ema to calculate the percent potential profit (as compared to the range from the 8ema to the 34ema) simply because the CLOSE is where the actual price is located. This usually results in a somewhat lower predicted percent profit.  

For complete info on the parameters we are using in our scan, please read the Pinball Finder User Guide which is linked at the bottom of the right sidebar.  

I scan for Today’s Volume > 250,000 and Closing Price between $0.35 and $100.00    The scan is set to hit all “percent profit” of 5% or more, even though 10% or 12% is generally used by Pinball Pattern advocates — the actual calculated Percent Potential Profit is shown in a column of the results — you can eliminate any that are lower than YOUR preferred profit percentage.  


About W2JC

W2JC ... formerly W2BVE (WN2BVE in 1955!)
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