Hello world!

Welcome to our PINBALL TRADING blog !

The PINBALL chart pattern was first recognized and named by Rick Saddler, who operates the HitAndRunCandlesticks.com web site and training room.

I (Jim Cooper) have developed and coded an indicator for use with the Tradestation charting and trading platform. This indicator displays, on any stock chart, the presence of the PINBALL PATTERN, as well as showing the ‘buy area’ which Rick suggests.  (The chart in the header for this blog shows an example of a chart with two PINBALL patterns).

In addition to the chart indicator, I’ve developed a SCAN which can be used in Tradestation to automatically FIND all the charts which contain the Pinball Pattern RIGHT NOW…  so you only have to look at those charts when you want to set up a Pinball Trade.

This blog will be used to share info and examples using both the indicator and the scanner ..

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W2JC ... formerly W2BVE (WN2BVE in 1955!)
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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Jay… not directly… I have written the code to plot
    the Pinball buy areas on the Tradestation charts, and
    the tradestation scan to find the patterns — but I’m
    sure the plotting cannot be done on the old TC2000;
    and I really know little about what special can be done
    with the new version 12 of TC …

  2. jay zee says:

    Can we use this with TC 2000?

    • The PINBALL FINDER scan and indicator (the yellow bars on chart) have been programmed only for Tradestation. TC2000 does not permit user-created indicators on the charts. Not sure if the TC2000 PCF language is strong enough to include all the parameters for the pinball scan, but one of these days i’ll look at it.

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